Five Stars!

I had a delightful evening watching Mother Superior's Ho-Ho-Holy Night. It was non-stop laughter. I was picked to go up on stage and was so nervous but ended up laughing and bonding with the other audience members. I highly recommend this show -- Lynne Ansani

Mother Superior's Ho-Ho-Holy Night is a marvelous show!  The humor is plentiful and yet always respectful of religious women.  The audience participation brings an added richness to the show.  I was struck by the fact that there were different religions present and yet all seemed to be enjoying the show immensely!
-- Sister Jackie Staub, Sisters of St. Joseph

Mother Superior's Ho-Ho-Holy Night 
Chicago Reader Review

Finally, detente in the war on Christmas. Best known for comedies catering to Catholic nostalgia, playwright Vicki Quade (Late Nite Catechism, Put the Nuns in Charge) adroitly melds Jesus's birthday with the secular holiday of "Giftmas"--so that, for instance, Santa gets a spot among the Magi. The first half of the show tackles holiday trivia, with prayer cards and other swag awarded to knowledgeable audience members; the second brings volunteers onstage to re-enact the Annunciation and Nativity, complete with a Wild West version of the archangel Gabriel. Alternating in the role of Sister with Kathleen Puls Andrade and Lisa Braatz, bubbly Michelle Renee Thompson quickly establishes a firm but friendly rapport, and the good-natured silliness goes down as easily as holiday punch and cookies in the parish hall basement. --Kerry Reid

Mother Superior’s Ho-Ho-Holy Night: A Warm and Funny Holiday Show
Off Beat with Philip Potempa
Northwest Indiana Times

Talented playwright Vicki Quade, the brains and spirit behind the popular one-woman "Late Nite Catechism" nun shows doesn't give her sisters any time off during the holidays.

After all, they are nuns, so this should be one of the seasons they are the busiest.
It's also a perfect reason for Quade's new holiday show "Mother Superior's Ho-Ho-Holy Night," a warm and funny holiday stage show in Chicago. It's inspired by the same popular performing formula which has made her other nun shows such a hit for more than two decades.

This time around, our nun in the stage spotlight is treating the audience as though the group has gathered in the church hall for a meeting to dream up the perfect equation for blending today's holiday season celebrations with just the right balance of both Santa Claus and other assorted folklore, with Jesus, who, after all, is "the reason for the season."

Sure, there's some audience participation and Mother Superior, played with bright and entertaining candor by actress Kathleen Puls Andrade (at least for the opening weekend performances I caught last weekend), still rules the roost with her rules, opinions, and at times, some self serving humor.

A special applause goes to the added blessing of Catherine White's fun design for her "church basement holiday set," which is filled with some fun retro holiday decorations in this tiny studio stage space at the Royal George Theatre.

Each of Quade's shows is also used to raise much needed retirement funds for orders of nuns throughout the country. Through her comedies, Quade has helped raise more than $2 million in donations to various orders of nuns nationwide.



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